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As the real estate markets across the United States continue to evolve and recover from uncertain value trends since 2008, the ability to create credible and concrete valuations has never been more challenging.  As the regulatory environment changes, it is imperative that compliance remains a key focus in the documentation of each potential lending transaction.

Pinnacle Evaluation Services brings the ability to draw local knowledge and market experience with a foundation of sophisticated real estate financial analytical capabilities delivering the most reliable market valuation results.

We use a network of professionals who are part of the community and local market and  class i and have direct experience in valuation processes.  We monitor the market trends, provide up-to-date intelligence, and become the eyes, ears and feet in any market anywhere. Building on a solid real estate evaluation, you can add a more in-depth inspection to document the total physical condition of an asset.

Upon request entered through a customized, secure web-based portal, the Relationship Manager will review the request and assign to an appropriate professional in the respective local market for a physical drive-by inspection and real time photographs. At least five photos will accompany each report – front, side, rear and street views to allow the requester to ‘feel they have seen the property’. Inspection notes include the exterior condition, surrounding area notes and a limited site risk assessment.  Any noted deficiencies requiring immediate attention are called to the attention of the request originator.

Each report will contain specific property information such as type, zoning, size, specific characteristics and general market information.   The valuation professional will verify and add specific and qualified information such as tax assessment information, any noted assessments or factors influencing values and recent sales comparable information. A market value will be calculated based on quantitative analysis of the property. We ensure that no professional involved in the evaluation has any direct or beneficial interest in the subject property.

A careful and systematic review of each report will ensure accuracy and completeness so that no delivery delays are experienced.  Pinnacle commits to delivering the finished evaluation report to the requester within eight business days.  In addition, each report will be assigned a unique ID number and will be archived for any future reference or need by the lender organization.

What the report is not?  It is not an appraisal.  It is a commercial evaluation report relying on direct market knowledge and information verified through public records, local market information and third party sources.  Each subject property will be personally visited, photographed and the surrounding market area noted.    We use the Sales Comparison Approach to Value, analyzing comparable sales and reconciling to provide an opinion of current market value.  A more in-depth valuation based on Income Approach or Replacement Value information can be made available by special request.  A qualified real estate valuation specialist will review each report prior to submission to the request originator to ensure accuracy and coherent reconciliation.  Additional information or direct communication for detailed discussion of specific information can also be arranged through the reviewer as necessary and requested.


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